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Leaving one's home country and living abroad is almost common today.

Those who haven't been through this don't know that it's not as amazing and easy as it seems at first glance. The idea of ​​life, whether by the sea in Africa or rich Western Europe, or America, always brings something completely different.

Different cultures, different mentality, different circle of acquaintances, different work.

You always have to start all over again.



My name is Vera Adel and my journey of self-knowledge and self-development began specially after the divorce from my first Slovak husband, when I went to work in Egypt. I came here absolutely unfamiliar with local conditions and customs.

 I had absolutely no idea

about Arab culture and Islam.

After a few months, I met my current husband, and as a true Muslim, he immediately wanted to introduce me to his family and marry me. For me, it was a signal that the guy must be serious, and in a few more months we got married and soon I was pregnant with our first daughter. But it just all happened so fast that there was no time to get to know each other, the new culture and customs. The process, of course, came with quarrels and from one misunderstanding to another we began learning to live with each other's mentality while asserting one's own.

The states from euphoria to quarrels and back lasted for several years.


In the meantime, our family moved 5 times.

We lived in the Czech Republic, Germany, Morocco and Egypt.

Every country is different, it cannot be easily compared. I took something from everyone, learned, discovered within myself. And these shifts and falls up and down were lessons for our marriage as well. I think that staying together and building everything from the beginning, growing together, and maturing together, significantly strengthened our relationship.

It’s been a third year since we came back to Egypt. I wanted to capitalize on my personal experience, so I decided to set up Vera Adel - Red Sea Consult, where I offer legal assistance, regarding marriages, divorces and other legal matters, to foreigners in Egypt.

However, I still lacked something to add, something deeper, which would make my work even more meaningful.


That's why I set myself up as a personal and relationship coach Vera Adel Life & Relationship Coach and my goal is to help women, whether they live abroad, in a Muslim country or anywhere in the world.

I support women and help them find answers to the questions,

 "Who am I?"

 "What I want?"

 "How do I achieve it?"

Through coaching and mentoring and my strongly developed intuition. Every woman is exceptional and she can find her strength in something special. We will discover your strength together, we will discover solutions and your life will take on a different dimension. You are unique, exceptional and you manage things yourself. Each of you feels what is best for you.

 I'm here for you just to guide you on your own path to living life You'll enjoy living.


Well, many of you online have been asking me about my credentials. 

I'm proud to say that my biggest letter of recommendation are my numerous clients I've helped throughout the years.

But if you're looking for a piece of paper that says CERTIFIED.

 Here it is. :)


Vera graduated at Jan Amos Komensky University in Prague,

 Counselling psychology

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