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Do you think that you have already tried all the possibilities, heard all the advice but are still at the same point in your relationship? Maybe it would help if someone completely independent with a similar experience heard your story.


 Stop messing with it and get started.


you will not be alone in your problem. Someone who will not judge you

will listen to you and guide you to the direction you actually want to go internally.

I will help you discover

your strengths and use them

to solve your situation.

What does personal / relationship coaching involve?

Many women write to me seeking for an advice.

All messages usually have couple of topics in common:

 - how to handle another culture

 - He presses me about religion

 - He has no time for me and the children at all

 - I feel lonely in a foreign country

 - His family is interfering in our relationship

 - He wants to decide everything

 - the upbringing of children does not have a system at all

 - interference with my personal freedom

 - I don't feel happy

How it all works?

First, we arrange a 15-minute call where we get to know each other and see if you're really ready to handle things.

This call is free.

out of coaching?

With coaching, you can expect to feel better, which is what all of us really want in the end. Your mental and emotional wellbeing will skyrocket. You will experience a major shift in your confidence as you go after what you want. Your relationships will improve. You won’t be triggered as much or ride emotional roller coasters that you can’t get off. Expect to have more peace, more certainty, more results, and a life you CHOOSE rather than a default life. Many of my clients describe feeling in control of their lives while also feeling more “free” than ever before.

One time coaching

One time coaching

One-time coaching is 45 minutes and takes place online. After an hour you will receive an email in which you will find questions that will try to provoke a reaction and action in you.

Coaching is not therapy, so I never decide for you what to do, I will always try to guide you and provoke you to find the right answer and solution with questions. If you find that one-time coaching is not enough for you, it is possible to continue.



Practical solutions, mentoring and finding your way. Rediscovering your feminine nature. We'll take a deeper look at your problem and work out together how to easily solve it!

Package details

Maxi Package

Discover your super strength and femininity in you forever! Take responsibility into your own hands. Learning to love is the secret of a happy relationship - self-love. What you radiate, you get.

We will meet online once a week and after each lesson, you will receive an email with questions to solve and think about and practical training on how to work on yourself and become the best version of yourself and live in a full relationship full of understanding.

maxi p

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