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Differences in multicultural relationship


The relationship with a man from Arab culture is without a doubt full of passion and emotions.

However, different culture, religion, other family traditions and customs can bring many misunderstandings and quarrels into it.


What are the main problems in mixed relationships?

Course 1

Your partner's expectations, or your fear that you will have to behave according to his traditions

Loss of identity


Daily disagreements over small misunderstandings like clothes, food, free time

Different values ​​in love, relationships, status in the family

Different ways of resolving conflicts

Ignoring from side of his or your family / disagreeing with your relationship /


Major differences in lifestyle, such as food, alcohol, clothing, dividing of household chores

 Financial functioning / who has the main word and who will finance what /


Religion and related conflicts with it

Not accepting each other's traditions and customs

Different opinions on how to raise children

Relationships with a partner's family


I went through all this myself and I'll tell you, it wasn't easy at all. It cost me a lot of repeated  mistakes and work on mine self awareness.


16 years living in Egypt and sharing stories from my clients have only confirmed to me that most problems are repeated.

Do you need advice on how to solve your on going same problem?

Or you want to have it a little easier and know how to deal with an Arab.


I invite you to a webinar, where I will tell you how to resolve repeated conflicts with your partner or avoid them as best you can.

How it will all look like?

Webinar will be online via Zoom application approximately 90 minutes

Everything takes place in a friendly community of other women without any prejudices.


I look forward to seeing you!


Join the Facebook community of Inspirational Women who share a similar problem as the body and let's help each other.

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According to references from my clients, the course helped them to better understand the mentality of their Arab partner

Here's a video I recently made that I am sure will make you laugh and most certainly make you understand where some of the conflicts are coming from. 

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White Sand and Stone

Lucy, 35

Keď som pred pár mesiacmi stretla môjho súčasného egyptského partnera, všetko vyzeralo super. Ale potom začali problémy a nedorozumenia. Uvedomila som si, že pramenia z toho, že pochádzame každý z inej kultúry. Keďže som sa rozhodla so vzťahom pokračovať, hľadala som pomoc, aby som partnerovu kultúru a mentalitu správne pochopila. V tom mi pomohla práve Vera a jej koučing. Vera mi doslova "otvorila oči" a ja som zrazu začala vnímať veci, o ktorých som predtým ani nevedela. Vďaka nej sme s partnerom vo vzťahu teraz šťastní a ja mám silu a motiváciu vzťah ďalej rozvíjať

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