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For Foreign Women of Egypt KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Before you get married in Egypt

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I bet you've already read so many stories about foreign women and Arab guys.....

What about the story how two people "fell in love", the girl was smitten by his charms, moved to Egypt, got married (signed ORFI). And then everything changed?

Off course, like how 90% of people in love would do, she didn't do any research about her legal status in this country or have taken any measurements to protect herself just in case....

She gave him a child and now what? He changed completely, and she's stuck here.

Do you want to see this scenario repeating over and over again, for so many ladies that were just looking for love and someone who will take care of them and to be cared for?

No, off course you don't.

This can be you, your daughter, granddaughter, mother, or any other nice lady you know and you can see that is "hooked".

It's better to be safe then sorry.

You are happy now. Yes. But be safe. That is more important, because happiness, as we can see from so many cases, can be staged. And then you end up all alone in a foreign country, maybe with a child, usually broke and for sure heartbroken trying to get help.

Prevent this.

Take a look at my webinar for Foreign women regarding legal information before getting married. To participate in this webinar or get personal consultation, click here

If you haven't heard of me already, my name is Vera Adel and I'm a life and relationship coach based in Egypt, specialized for relationships between foreign women and Arab men. To read more about my personal journey, go to the link below.

I also provide legal help for foreign women in Egypt.

All of my services You can find here.

Wishing YOU and sending YOU much love!

Check out my Youtube channel for more informative videos about marrying Muslim / Arab man

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