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Did you fall in love with man from different culture? I bet, that you are going trough all the kind of emotions... From absolute happiness and ecstasy, asking yourself: "What is going on?" "Is this even possible?" "I have never witnessed such a feelings!", to confusion and worries: "How could I know, if he really loves me?"

Well, honestly you can't be sure in this world with anything except death and taxes lol.

But I asked some of my good Egyptian friends how they show love to the woman they like. And I mentioned she is foreign woman, not understanding culture and language.


" That is simple: we do care in different level".

" My opinion sure is away different from another men. Simple if she feel safe while her man around her, that is love, care and protection". That's how we show it".


"They can make you feel the best of the best in the world, but the number ONE reason, they would NOT accept money from a woman. Never. It’s their culture rule. Men are supposed to be MEN. They must provide their family and also the one they love. if you pay it’s an insult for Egyptian man".


"Well that is very critical point.

He could be completely honest about his feelings or it could be completely opposite and he is just using you.

Will he force you later to accept his culture and our social life? Egyptians are hard to accept to live with.

Never judge us according our nice attitude towards foreigners, but living our lives is very hard. Egyptians do judge people and judge everything you do. Egyptians are conservative and their families may force you to what to wear or say.

On the other hand, most of Egyptians nowadays are desperate to leave Egypt and are looking forward to immigrate by any chance, so you could be used as tool for this purpose. I know friends which are wealthy and educated and got married with foreigners and they are facing a divorce due to culture shock from both sides."


"Oh, they leave no chance for you to guess, an Egyptian man will tell you he likes you probably in the 2nd or 3rd date. But you should be very CAREFUL because most of them do NOT mean what they say.

One thing to be cautious of:

If he asks you to dress modestly or cut your relations with other male friends in your life: RUN!"


"Has he offered you money?

Has he seen you, you know, naked?

Or has he offered to introduce his family?

Is he wearing a wedding ring?

These are things you have to consider, you have to watch out".

From mine point of view I would add, that he introduce you to the family as soon as possible. He is willing to pay and has no problem with it. He is open to discus the cultural differences and seeking compromises.

He knows that you are from different country and is aware, that your marriage needs extra work and understanding.

At the end I would like to say, that if two people share same values, than religion, culture and skin color really doesn't matter.

Love & Peace


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