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My Mohamed is different. Part 2. When is he serious with you and what to expect after marriage?

The most common question I get from clients: How do I know if he is serious about me? I've put a few tips together, but of course not all of them apply to everyone. It depends from where he comes from, if his traditions are strong, whether he is studied or traveled. So I can only write here in general.

1. He lets you wear extremely revealing clothes? His not serious, just using you for selfish gain.

2. You have not met his family or seen pictures. He is just not that serious and wants to have fun.

Why I say this, because a Muslim Arab man is not allowed to date. It must be halal (approved of by God). So what is it like during the getting to know each other stage.

3. He will start sharing personal information, stories, pictures of family. He will appear publicly with you, introduce you to his friends.

4. He will encourage debating to see your mentality and see if you think similar way.

5. He will bring on an argument to see how you will respond to him, then and in the future when you married.

6. He will ask you to dress more modestly, because he wants a woman that is private and because of the environment, to avoid you from uncomfortable situations.

7. He will ask you to stop hugging your male friends.

8. If you are not Muslim he might debate religion with you and would want to share more information with you.

9. He will be very protective over you and super jealous if a guy even looks your way.

10. His family will know about you before you even know about them.

11. You will feel so loved and cared for you will never doubt his feelings towards you.

12. He will know if your a good fit for marriage way before you even think of having him as your husband.

What to expect after marriage?

13. You need to learn his culture, his language if possible

14. Cook his culture food.

15. Your children might have Arabic names, but boys definitely yes !

16. Fridays are family days (where all the family get together usually the mother’s house ).

17. You can wear less modesty around his sisters and mom, but more modesty when his brothers or other male family members are present. Yes even in your own home.

18. You are the queen of the house, yes you can work as long as it fits around school runs and does not interfere with family time or looking after the kids while his at work.

19. He is loyal.

20. He puts you first as long as you put him first over the kids. Remember God made man and woman, not woman and children.

21. There is space for one man in the house and it ain't you baby-girl.

22. He will continue treating you like a princess as long as you continue showering him with love and attention.

23. He might be impatient or rude when his stressed just like any other person. Don't let his mood swings determine your attitude.

24. Marriage is hard work and you need to work on yourself all the time and cherish it.

I wish you good luck.

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