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"We live in a world where even though we are far, we are closer then ever. And I feel that closeness every day. Thanks to YOU. Ever since I decided to start a YouTube channel, my life took a very different turn. Every day new people discover my channel  and are sharing their thoughts. I can honestly say that this is definitely a 2 way street. I am doing my best to share with You my raw thoughts, opinions, information but also I'm getting so much positive feedback and I learn as well.

It has been an amazing journey so far and I'm positive that this will just get better and better.

Thank YOU. "

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Abusive relationship with men from different culture

Aisha's survival battle. Let's change her life!


Help women in need

Throughout the years of working with women and helping them, there have been numerous cases in which I was contacted by women who have no one else to ask for help and are truly in desperate situations.

Most of them were/are stuck in abusive marriages,not able to leave the country, all the money they had was taken by their partner and the biggest issue is that their children can not leave the country so they must stay with them.

I did my best to try to help them as much as I can, but surely that isn't enough in most of these cases.


As a mother and WOMAN, I couldn't just sit and watch all of that happening and be powerless so I decided to do what I can. I am using my POWER OF VOICE to spread their stories.


I am truly grateful for everyone who was and is able to help in any way.

Sometimes it is basic nececities they are lacking like FOOD or clothes..

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