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With the help of trusted lawyers, we provide legal services in Egypt.

Nobody and especially women

should feel alone and helpless in a foreign country!

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Legal help in regards to :

*Marriage to an Egyptian


*Checking documents for the purchase of the real estate

*Real estate registration

*Legal assistance in extortion

*Physical assault


*Child kidnapping...


I can not emphasize enough the importance of having a good, trusted lawyer in Egypt!

Foreigners have few limitations when living in Egypt, and number one, LANGUAGE BARRIER

That leaves space for those who don't wish us well and only see "dollar signs" when they see us try and unfortunately in many cases succeed to scam us. 

It is pretty common in Egypt that a lawyer you hire and trust crosses over to another side while working "for you". 

Do NOT let that happen to YOU. I've dealt with many such cases and believe me it is not fun at all. Usually costs that person a fortune to get out of all of that mess, takes in some cases years of court time, and of course, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

PREVENT such a thing from happening to YOU!

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