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Webinar - Marriage contract!

Welcome to webinar

Legal information about marriage contract.

How to formulate the conditions of the wife to be valid and applicable under Egyptian law.


Does your partner or future husband comes from Egypt?

Are you going to initialize your relationship?

Then this webinar is for you.

Egypt's legal system is diametrically different from European law, simply because Egypt is under Islamic Sharia law.

Therefore it is important to have a marriage contract done correctly, to get the best legislative protection for you and your kids.

Legal services in Egypt are not cheap and it is also a problem to find a lawyer you can trust.

At this webinar I will tell you:

* important and correctly formulated points that you can include in your marriage contract

* the whole process of how to hold an official wedding in Egypt and your country

Webinar in  English language will open soon,

you can reserve your place by filling the form down below


50,- Euro.

Looking forward to see you there!


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