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When considering potential red flags in relationships between European women and Arab men, it's crucial to recognize that individuals are unique, and generalizations should be avoided. Cultural differences can add complexity to relationships, but focusing on specific behaviors and communication patterns is key. Here are some potential red flags to be aware of:

  1. You don’t know his family. You have never spoken to his mother directly - They’re not aware of you or know you even exist.

FAMILY IS CENTRAL and their approval of you is EVERYTHING.  

2. You have no relationship with any of his siblings.  He has never taken you back home, introduced you to his family, or married you traditionally.


3. He doesn’t give you your rights according to religion and tradition, and you are treated as less.


4. He is not easily accessible.

You can’t call when you need to, you find his phone off, or communication is brief or he goes off-grid for no reason. 

5. He asks for MONEY - DO NOT SEND. Zero. Don’t do it.  

6. He expects you to fund yourself in his home country if he does invite you. It’s insulting to true Arab culture to expect this. They’re supposed to host you.  

7. Discusses the visa more than anything else.  

8. You catch him lying about small things.  When you question and ask about certain things he gets defensive or diverts. 

9. Dismisses your wants and needs.


10. Says I love you immediately without really even knowing you.


11. Consistently badmouths and belittles women from his own country. Any man that can belittle any woman is a scum bag and he will do the same to you if you allow him to do it to others!

12. Doesn’t express interest in starting a family with you or having kids in the future.  

13. If he is a frequent user of social media but he doesn’t change his status to “married”, or he doesn’t hint at all that he is MARRIED. This is an Islamic condition of any new marriage - to announce it to the people to prevent rumors and speculation.  

14. You notice he is open and speaking to many women on socials and thinks it’s normal - it’s disgraceful for an Arab man to do such a thing. Neither his religion nor his culture permits that type of behavior. Arabs in nature even if not particularly religious are conservative traditionally.  

15. Huge age gap. I would say if you’re a woman and you’re more than 8-10 years older, this is a cause of concern. Yes, Khadijah radiallahu Anha was older than the beloved prophet, but she was also married to our prophet the best of mankind. Comparing men of today's day and age who are still suckling on their mother's breast at the age of 25 is ridiculous. They’re not built the same. At 25 they have no sense of responsibility, or very little of it. I’d say generally Arab men from Arab countries are a bit more responsible than men in the West at the same age due to lifestyle and environmental factors but ask yourself in your mind if you’d date a 25-year-old in your own country. You’d probably laugh at yourself and say NOWAY. Because you know deep down maturity levels are… just nonexistent and you’d probably have 0 in common. It’s really rare to find a 25-year-old who is established, responsible, and committed.

These points provide valuable insights for individuals navigating relationships, but it's important to remember that each relationship is unique. Open communication, mutual understanding, and respect are fundamental to addressing potential issues and fostering a healthy and fulfilling connection.

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